Substance-Related & Addictive Disorders

According to a survey done by the UN 18 months ago, around 78 million people are actively using substances like alcohol, cannabis, opiates, sedatives, or hypnotics. Around 26% of this figure is heavily dependent on these products. All of these products come under the umbrella of substances. Substance abuse & addiction is one of the major household problems, seen across all socio-economic backgrounds. Some states struggle with it more than others, but it has been an increasing issue in the country for years now.

Substance Disorders & Addictive Disorders can be triggered heavily by trauma, stress and so many more factors. With the increase in the availability of all the substances, many people turn to them to be able to get a quick release and feel better or forget about their problems. This in turn with time turns into a habit.

Dealing with a habitual substance abuser is difficult for the family, friends, and others around them. This gets increasingly worse with time. But once they realize and are willing to let go of this habit and lead a better life, medical treatment & psychotherapy will be able to not only make them better but might even be able to cure their addictive disorders entirely.

Some major causes leading to substance abuse could be:

  • Family history of substance abuse
  • Mental health disorders
  • Peer Influence
  • Traumatic life events
  • Early exposure to drugs
  • Consuming highly addictive substances

Some signs of these disorders can be:

  • Regular intoxication
  • Lying about their whereabouts, and habits when confronted
  • Giving up activities they enjoyed
  • Talking about using drugs or alcohol
  • Believing they need the substances to be able to enjoy
  • Suddenly showing risky behavior
  • Getting in trouble with the law or being fired from work, not going to college/school
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